DOOH Advertising: The Impact on Customer Buying Behavior at 7-Eleven® Stores

As the founder of ATM.TV at 7-Eleven®, I have seen firsthand the immense impact DOOH advertising has on customer buying behavior. Our DOOH HD video advertising is displayed in over 8,500 7-Eleven® stores across the United States, reaching an astounding 5 billion people annually as verified by GeoPath. This kind of reach and exposure is unparalleled in the industry, and it’s something we’re incredibly proud of.

But what does this mean for advertisers? Simply put, it means that their message is being seen by more people than ever before. Over 150 notable advertisers like AT&T, Lotto, Amazon, and Chase Bank have already taken advantage of our nationwide footprint, and the results have been staggering. Here are just a few ways in which DOOH advertising has impacted customer buying behavior:

  1. Increased brand awareness: When customers see an ad repeatedly in a place where they shop frequently, it helps to reinforce the brand in their mind. This can lead to increased brand awareness and ultimately, increased sales.

  2. Targeted messaging: With DOOH advertising, it’s possible to target specific demographics based on factors like age, gender, and location. This means that advertisers can tailor their message to the audience they want to reach, resulting in more effective advertising campaigns.

  3. Real-time data: DOOH advertising provides real-time data on how many people are viewing an ad, how long they’re watching it, and whether or not they’re engaging with it. This data can be used to optimize campaigns and improve their effectiveness over time.

  4. Increased foot traffic: When customers see an ad for a product or service they’re interested in, it can motivate them to visit the store to make a purchase. This can lead to increased foot traffic and ultimately, increased sales.

At ATM.TV, we’re committed to providing our advertisers with the highest level of exposure and reach possible. Our DOOH advertising is designed to capture the attention of customers and influence their buying behavior in a positive way. If you’re interested in learning more about our advertising opportunities, please visit We look forward to working with you!

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