Revolutionizing Convenience: 7-Eleven® and ATM.TV Unveil 7Rewards App with Integrated DOOH HD Video Advertising

A New Era of Convenience: 7Rewards App and ATM.TV Revolutionize 7-Eleven® Experience

Why the 7Rewards App?

The 7Rewards App is a game-changer in the world of convenience. With just a few taps, users can:

  • Access exclusive member deals and perks
  • Locate nearby 7-Eleven® stores using the store locator feature
  • Sign in using their 7REWARDS® account or Facebook
  • Enjoy a personalized browsing experience with the help of cookies

What Makes ATM.TV Stand Out?

As the leading DOOH HD video advertising provider, we at ATM.TV pride ourselves on our ability to connect brands with consumers through engaging and visually captivating content. Our platform offers:

  • Crystal-clear high-definition video
  • Advanced targeting capabilities for precision marketing
  • Seamless integration with the 7Rewards App for a cohesive user experience

Ready to Join the Revolution?

To experience the future of convenience and advertising for yourself, download the 7-Eleven App on the App Store or Google Play today.

And if you’re a business looking to take advantage of the incredible advertising opportunities available through ATM.TV, I personally invite you to visit to learn more about our innovative platform and how it can help you reach new heights in your marketing efforts.

Together, let’s embrace the future and redefine the meaning of convenience. Welcome to the world of 7Rewards and ATM.TV.

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