Maximizing Brand Exposure: The Transformative Role of Video Content in 7-Eleven’s® DOOH Advertising Strategy

The Role of Video Content in DOOH Advertising: A Case Study of 7-Eleven®’s Reach and Exposure

In the digital age, out-of-home (OOH) advertising has evolved to digital out-of-home (DOOH) advertising. And at the heart of this evolution lies video content. As the founder of ATM.TV at 7-Eleven®, a pioneer in DOOH HD video advertising, I’ve seen first-hand how impactful video content can be on a large scale.

Fun Fact: DOOH advertising is one of the fastest-growing advertising mediums, with a predicted compound annual growth rate of 10.7% from 2020 to 2027.

In the world of DOOH advertising, 7-Eleven® has spearheaded a revolution. As the leading DOOH HD video advertising provider, we’ve expanded into more than 8,500 U.S. 7-Eleven® stores, reaching an impressive 5 billion people annually. This reach is not just an abstract number; it’s verified by GeoPath, the industry standard for OOH audience location measurement.

Trivia: Did you know that the average American visits a convenience store approximately 30 times a month?

We’ve worked with over 150 notable advertisers, such as AT&T, Goodyear, Lotto, Amazon, Hersheys, Reeses, and Chase Bank. These brands recognize the value of our nationwide footprint and leverage our expansive network to connect with their target audience.

Video content plays a critical role in our DOOH advertising strategy. Unlike traditional billboards or print ads, video content is dynamic and engaging. It captivates the audience’s attention, evokes emotional responses, and has the power to influence purchasing decisions right at the point of sale.

Fun Fact: Studies have shown that consumers are 27% more likely to purchase a product advertised via DOOH.

Our ATM.TV platform offers a unique blend of entertainment and advertising content, tailored to the viewing preferences of convenience store shoppers. The high-definition video content is displayed on large screens located in high-traffic areas of the store, ensuring maximum visibility.

In conclusion, the role of video content in DOOH advertising cannot be understated. It is a powerful tool that provides brands with a unique opportunity to engage with their audience in a meaningful and impactful way. At 7-Eleven®, we are proud to lead the way in this exciting frontier of advertising.

Trivia: 7-Eleven® was the first convenience store to open 24 hours a day, 7 days a week, back in 1963. Now, it’s the first to revolutionize DOOH advertising in the convenience store industry.

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