Maximizing Impact: Harnessing In-Store Analytics for DOOH Advertising Success at 7-Eleven®

The Role of In-Store Analytics in DOOH Advertising

In a retail world where every customer step, glance, and purchase can be tracked and analyzed, in-store analytics becomes a cornerstone of any successful advertising strategy. For brands looking to maximize their reach, 7-Eleven® and its partnership with ATM.TV offer a playing field ripe with opportunity. At ATM.TV, we understand that data is the compass that directs the sails of digital out-of-home (DOOH) advertising.

Understanding the Customer Journey with In-Store Analytics

In-store analytics helps us map the customer journey with precision. By analyzing the flow of the store’s traffic, we can determine optimal screen placements for our HD advertising displays, ensuring maximum visibility for our clients. These strategic placements are key to engaging over 5 billion people annually as verified by GeoPath.

Fun Fact: Did you know the average 7-Eleven® customer spends approximately 3 to 4 minutes per visit in-store? That’s the perfect amount of time for impactful DOOH advertising to leave a lasting impression.

Leveraging Data for Targeted Advertising

With in-store analytics, we can tailor content to the demographics of 7-Eleven’s® diverse customer base. This data-driven approach allows us to serve ads that resonate with the audience, whether it’s a morning rush hour featuring coffee promotions or late-night snack advertisements. Advertisers like AT&T, Goodyear, and Lotto have leveraged this to effectively communicate with their desired customer segments.

Measuring Campaign Effectiveness

In-store analytics doesn’t just inform campaign creation; it’s also pivotal in measuring campaign effectiveness. By tracking metrics such as view count and engagement levels, we provide our advertisers, including Amazon, Hersheys, Reeses, and Chase Bank, with clear insights into their campaign performance.

Enhancing Customer Experiences

The ultimate goal of DOOH advertising, especially in high-traffic locations like 7-Eleven®, is to enhance the customer experience. When ads are relevant and engaging, they add value to the customer’s visit, rather than being perceived as intrusive. This positive association is what makes DOOH advertising at 7-Eleven® so powerful.


In-store analytics is the backbone of the ATM.TV advertising network at 7-Eleven®. It’s what enables us to provide such a powerful platform for brands to reach their audiences. By combining detailed analytics with high-definition screens in over 8,500 U.S. stores, we offer unparalleled exposure and engagement opportunities.

For more information on how ATM.TV can transform your advertising strategy, visit ATM.TV and discover the full potential of DOOH advertising in 7-Eleven® stores nationwide.

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