Maximizing Impact: How DOOH Advertising at 7-Eleven® Enhances Customer Experience and Drives Brand Growth

The Benefits of DOOH Advertising for Enhancing Customer Experience

When you step into the dynamic world of Digital Out-of-Home (DOOH) advertising, you’re not just putting an ad out there; you’re creating an experience. An experience that has the power to not only catch the eye but also engage the mind of a passerby in the most unexpected places. One such place is none other than the iconic 7-Eleven®.

In the midst of our daily hustle, 7-Eleven® stores stand as a beacon of convenience, offering a quick respite with a slurpee, a snack, or a necessity grabbed off the shelf. But there’s more to these visits than just the grab-and-go. With ATM.TV, we’ve turned these everyday interactions into opportunities for brands to create memorable experiences for millions of customers.

Fun Fact: Did you know that 7-Eleven® was one of the first convenience stores to stay open 24/7, which completely revolutionized the way we shop? Now, it’s also revolutionizing the way brands can reach their customers—24/7.

Unmatched Reach and Exposure

Imagine your brand’s message being broadcasted in over 8,500 U.S. 7-Eleven® stores, reaching approximately 5 billion people annually. That’s the kind of exposure we’re talking about with ATM.TV. Our DOOH network doesn’t just ensure visibility; it ensures visibility where it counts.

Trivia: Every day, 7-Eleven® serves millions of customers. That’s millions of opportunities for a brand to make an impression every single day.

Notable advertisers like AT&T, Goodyear, Lotto, Amazon, Hersheys, Reeses, and Chase Bank have already harnessed the power of this nationwide footprint. Their presence in the country’s top convenience store chain is not just about advertising; it’s about becoming a part of the customer’s day, their routine, their story.

The Power of Contextual and Engaging Content

DOOH advertising through ATM.TV at 7-Eleven® isn’t just about playing a commercial. It’s about delivering content that resonates with the customers in that moment. Whether it’s a reminder to grab an umbrella from Amazon on a rainy day, or a prompt to indulge in a Hershey’s chocolate bar during a rough week, we deliver contextual experiences.

Did You Know? Contextual advertising can result in recall rates up to 70% higher compared to non-contextual advertising.

By leveraging the latest technology and data analytics, we ensure that the content being displayed is relevant to the demographics and the buying behavior of the store’s visitors. This level of personalization is what takes a customer’s experience from good to great.

Building Brand Trust and Customer Loyalty

Familiarity breeds trust, and trust breeds loyalty. Seeing a brand consistently in a trusted environment like 7-Eleven® creates a subconscious bond between the brand and the consumer. This isn’t just about making a sale—it’s about building a relationship.

When customers see brands like Chase Bank offering timely financial advice on ATM.TV screens, they don’t just see an ad; they see a potential financial ally.

Measurable Impact and ROI

As the leading DOOH HD video advertising provider, ATM.TV caters to brands that demand measurable impact from their advertising spend. With GeoPath verification, advertisers are assured that their messages are reaching their intended audience.

Discover the impact of DOOH advertising with ATM.TV

By tying in call-to-actions that can be tracked, such as special offers or QR codes, advertisers can directly measure engagement and conversions, leading to a clear understanding of ROI.

In embracing DOOH advertising at 7-Eleven® with ATM.TV, brands are not just talking to customers. They’re engaging with them, surprising them, and most importantly, they’re being remembered by them. This is the future of advertising—seamless, integrated, and experiential. And in this future, the customer experience is not just enhanced; it’s transformed.

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