7-Eleven’s Cleat Crew Program: Merging College Football and Philanthropy for Children’s Miracle Network Hospitals

7-Eleven’s Cleat Crew Scores Big in the Game of Philanthropy

As the founder of ATM.TV, the leading DOOH HD video advertising provider in 8,500+ U.S. 7-Eleven® stores, I am thrilled to share this exciting news. 7-Eleven, Inc., a brand we’re proud to work with, has unveiled the members of this season’s Cleat Crew™. What’s the Cleat Crew, you ask? It’s a brilliant initiative that combines the thrill of college football with the heartwarming mission of charity.

Meet the Cleat Crew

Nine college football stars from top-ranked programs across the country have teamed up with 7-Eleven for a charitable cause. But this isn’t just any cause – this is about supporting the Children’s Miracle Network Hospitals®, an organization that’s touched countless lives by providing medical care for children.

Now, let’s take a look at how this all ties in with football:

  • Cleats designed by these standout athletes will be auctioned off weekly throughout the 2023 college football season.
  • Proceeds from these auctions will go directly to the Children’s Miracle Network Hospitals.
  • Not only will fans get a chance to own a piece of college football history, but they will also be contributing to a cause that can change lives.

A Touchdown for Charity

This move by 7-Eleven is a testament to the brand’s commitment to giving back to the community. By leveraging the popularity of college football and the power of these athletes’ platforms, they’ve crafted a unique and impactful way to support a worthy cause.

As a partner of 7-Eleven, we at ATM.TV are excited to see the positive impact this campaign will have. We’re all about engaging with consumers in memorable ways, and this initiative is doing just that – while also making a significant difference in the lives of many children.

Wrapping Up

In the end, it’s not just about the touchdowns or the thrilling games. It’s about how we can harness the power of sport to make a positive change in the world. The Cleat Crew initiative is a fantastic example of this, and we are proud to support 7-Eleven in their laudable efforts.

So if you’re a fan of college football and want to make a difference, keep an eye out for these auctions. Not only will you be able to own a piece of sports memorabilia, but you’ll also be contributing to a cause that truly matters. For more information and opportunities to advertise with us, visit ATM.TV.

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