7-Eleven’s Impressive Credit Ratings and Financial Strength: The Foundation for Future Growth and ATM.TV Advertising Opportunities

7-Eleven®: A Stellar Credit Rating and a Promising Future

As the founder of ATM.TV, the leading DOOH HD video advertising provider in 8,500+ U.S. 7-Eleven® stores, I’ve had the privilege of witnessing the tremendous growth and success of this iconic convenience store chain. One of the key factors behind this success is the company’s strong financial position, as evidenced by its impressive credit ratings from both Standard & Poor’s and Moody’s.

A Rock-Solid Foundation for Growth

7-Eleven, Inc.’s credit ratings are a testament to its financial strength and stability, which has allowed the company to continue expanding and innovating in the convenience store industry. Here’s a quick rundown of the credit ratings:

  • Standard & Poor’s Ratings:
  • Long-Term Issuer Rating: A
  • Short-Term Rating: A-1
  • Moody’s Ratings:
  • Long-Term Issuer Rating: Baa2
  • Short-Term Rating: P-1

These outstanding ratings are a result of 7-Eleven’s disciplined approach to financial management, as well as its commitment to delivering value to its customers, franchisees, and suppliers.

The Secret Sauce: Sustainability, Leadership, and Innovation

In addition to its strong financials, 7-Eleven’s success can be attributed to several key factors:

  • Sustainability: The company is dedicated to minimizing its environmental impact, investing in energy-efficient technology, and promoting sustainable practices throughout its operations.
  • Leadership: 7-Eleven is led by a team of experienced and visionary executives, who continue to drive the company forward and maintain its position as an industry leader.
  • Innovation: 7-Eleven is constantly seeking new ways to improve the customer experience, embracing digital technology and innovative partnerships like ATM.TV to provide unique, engaging content in-store.

A Bright Future Ahead

With its solid financial foundation, commitment to sustainability, strong leadership, and innovative spirit, 7-Eleven is poised to continue its growth and success in the years to come. As a proud partner of this iconic brand, ATM.TV is excited to be part of this journey and looks forward to the continued collaboration.

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